Enjoyable March

Sorry for the late update, am kinda busy in work and those JKS holic!!!!

Our first stop at Penang, flight to Penang and self drive at Penang.

my first flight with Fire Fly~

part of the yummy~

crossing Penang bridge

Kek Lok Si

part of the yummy 2

sing K at the Karaoke shop, JB

after sing K, we have the great Lok Lok session down stair if the shop
it's the most nice Lok Lok I never try before! variety choices!!!!!
two thumbs up for it!!!! YUMMY ^__^

my Aunts always serve us the delicious meal

this is called 粿条仔, it is something like Kew Tiao soup, and serve with those pig inner part.
not bad, I can't find this in KL

We took the Transtar bus to SG from JB bus station

it's cheap! Only RM5 per person per way

the bus direct to the Resort World Sentosa

view to the Sentosa form Vivo City

We head to Malacca when on the way back from JB to Kl.

famous Christ Church

we spent RM 10 for the 10mins tricycle ride

Otak Otak

must have when go Malacca, round shape chicken rice

famous round shape chicken rice

as usual, the street must walk, Jonker Walk

Guess what, it's my Family trip! The most special side is travel with the special person. Da da~~ my brother's girl friend, Cindy. Lastly he bring her home! The most happiest is my mom XD.

She is a Chinese Vietnamese girl who a citizen from The State. Friendly, and talkative >.<
Here she is........the left one


My 24th

March, the month I born. 16th March, the day I born!

I ❤ them!

my favourite Black Forest~

the foods~

First b/day celebration at my Aunt's house, JB.

Thanks all for the unexpected surprised!!!!!! ❤ ya~

p/s: stay tuned my family trip updated~


You Made Me Crazy!


Think what!? Because of you, Jang Keun Suk! Sukkie~ ❤ what a lovely name from his fans!

You made me can't stop thinking of you, can't stop chasing your latest news! Non stop watching your video clip every day in front of my lappie~

You know, you are the one and the first celebrity I so in love with! Even Jay also behind of you recently, sorry Jay~~

I start collective your staff, like this...

Ole Candies, I received it went I awake yesterday~
I bought with one of his fans who bought at Thai!

I can't wait for your coming Fan Meeting in Malaysia, I knew the date was under prearrange at the moment, but I believe that you may not make your fans feel disappointed right? Malaysia's Fans were waiting for your visit!!!! Wait for your good news!!!!!


CNY 2011 Part II

I miss up the secondary schoolmate reunion, sorry dear friends. Sad....I miss up the previous too, I tough I can join this year, but in the end still miss it!!! =_=;

Well, i suggest my friends go Lou Sang at PD for another reunion.... ^____^ ......but it just few of us who often meet up.

this is what my friends sponsor for the reunion, Yu Sang & liquor

oh GOSH! my clever friend remember bring the Yu Sang, but forgot the chopstick! How are we going to eat those tasty Yu Sang? Luckily, we met the tourist who stay at the beach hotel and they having BBQ there, then we go borrow folks with them. -_-|||

me & Clinton

hmm...yummy Yu Sang!

me & Irene

Clinton & Lynette

me & Nono

Clinton & Irene

me & Gasper